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Our Story

We're an Ottawa, Ontario based company creating practical, engraved goods for your home, business and special events. Proudly serving our local community in Ottawa and the entirety of Canada!

Why work with us?

We are a local, independent business full of creativity and know-how.

We have over 10 years combined experience in woodworking, carpentry, graphic and industrial design, fabrication and having a great knack for coming up with creative and functional project solutions. Those skills along with tools such as the most current Adobe Creative Suite software and an Epilog Fusion M2 CO2 Laser allow us to take your project from an idea to reality!

If you are located in Ottawa, working and connecting with us in person is easy in our central Alta Vista location. We welcome jobs from all over Canada!

Meet the Junction Gore Laser team

Heather re4m edited-Heather re4m edited-0003.jpg

Heather Jeffery

Heather is an industrial designer and entrepreneur making strides in Ottawa's sustainable design sector. Aside from being co-owner of Junction Gore Laser, she is a maker, problem solver and the creator of Re4m Design and Fabrication. Heather's unique skills and keen eye have gained her recognition in the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Matters and a recipient of the 2019 OBJ (Ottawa Business Journal) Small business Award for manufacturing.

Khalil Akkacha

Khalil's passion for technical design tools excels his ability to problem solve, and find solutions quickly. Khalil is currently completing his undergrad of Industrial Design at Carleton University and pursuing a career in woodcraft and product design. 

Where does our name come from?

In Ottawa during the late 1800’s, the area that spans the east side of the Rideau River from Riverside and Walkley over to St. Laurent Blvd and up to Vanier was called Junction Gore.


This area is now known as Alta Vista, which is where you will find our workshop! The name Junction Gore comes from the locality being seated at the meeting of the two rivers (Rideau and Ottawa) with gore meaning a triangular piece of land.

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